Trust, Safety & Insurance

For Quiqo, you - our Users, Drivers, and Service Providers - are our priority with regards to safety and assurance of service. Whether you provide or receive services, remember we are there to support.


Quiqo has a number of features to ensure safety. These features include Emergency Contact, SOS, Call-Over-Internet, Geolocation / Geofencing, to name a few.

Discussing each feature:

  • Emergency Contact. Provide contact details of 5 people who may be close to you (your family or friends). In any situation where you are feeling concerned, share your details through tapping the Emergency Contact button which will send the details to them.
  • SOS. If you feel unsafe or feel you have the potential to be harmed, tap the SOS button. This will share the details with the police station nearest to you.
  • Call-Over-Internet. This feature ensures your call details don’t get revealed to either party on each side of the service transaction (User and Provider)


Quiqo have a very stringent assurance policy. We ensure that service providers who offer a service, ride or delivery are professional, have appropriate working rights, and insured* to perform the service they are offering.

Professional trade and service providers are pre-vetted to check licences and qualifications prior to approval to work on the platform.

Within Australia:
*Collect & Deliver services, parcels are covered to the value of $200 AUD
*Other Services, services and tasks are covered to the value of $200 AUD 

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