What You Get in Quiqo

Access to multiple services, all in one app.

Book right now or schedule for later.

Book, pay, and live-tracking all in one ... Plus chat in-app with your Sevice Provider while keeping your privacy assured.

If you're needing a professional, be assured that Service Providers been checked and approved for relevant licences and qualifications.

How Quiqo Works

Quiqo is simple - let's take a look at the essential steps ...

    Register yourself on the app by simply providing your email address and mobile phone. If you're already registered, login by entering your email or mobile and password, or social media ID.


    Enter the location for service - it could be at home, on the road, at work, or elsewhere if you're requesting a service for someone else. Select the service wanted then select from the Service Providers found around that location.

  • Book Services

    Choose your Service Provider and book. Be sure to set your Payment Method in your profile - whether via Cash, Card or In App Wallet.

  • Track Job Progress

    Once you've booked, track when your Service Provider is on their way, and see job progress updates live.


    In the end, view Invoice Summary for the Service. This will also be sent direct to your email.


    Give and receive ratings and feedback. It helps everyone!

Sign up to Earn

Whether you're a professional industry provider, want to earn from casual work, or are looking to get income from your hobbies and passions, Quiqo offers that platform.

Sign up to Book Services

Sign up to book any type of service.

Select and book a Service Provider instantly.

Download App

Download Quiqo and get rid of the usual hassles involved in getting things done - whether it's a service, a delivery, or a ride. 
Available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • User Friendly
  • Easy Service Booking
  • Real-Time tracking
  • Transparent pricing
  • In-app booking and payment
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Quality & Safety

Be assured that Quality, Responsiveness, and Safety are our top priorities. 

  • Provider Qualifications

    A handy-person might be fine to change your fuses, but when you need safe wiring done, you want to know that your Provider is qualified, licenced, and insured. We'll make sure that any professional is checked and approved for the work they offer.

  • Service When You Need It

    Book your Service Provider right now, or if you have a favourite who's not available right now, book them for later. Your request goes out straight away.

  • Safety

    Quiqo includes features and functions (including live tracking) to ensure your peace of mind.

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