Be a Service Provider with Quiqo

When Customers want something, they usually want it as soon as possible and without hassle.

As a Quiqo Service Provider, you can let your customers know that you're available for them right now. 

Set yourself online and let your customers find and book you straight away. No more hassles with chasing phone-calls, responding to requests for quotes, or negotiating prices and time. Simple booking and transparent, fair pricing.

Complete the job and have your payment securely made via Quiqo's in-app payment system.

How Quiqo Works

Quiqo is simple - let's take a look at the essential steps ...

    Register yourself on Quiqo by providing your email address, phone number or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. If you're are already registered, then simply login with your ID and password.


    Enter the location for service - it could be at home, on the road, at work. or elsewhere if you're requesting a service for someone else. Select the service needed and select from the Service Providers found for that location.


    Track your Service Provider by using the real-time tracking available in Quiqo. This helps you to be assured that your provider is on their way, and lets you know how long it will be before they arrive at the service location.


    After successful job completion, payments will be made directly via cash, debit cards, credit cards or wallet options integrated into Quiqo.


    Finally, rate your Service Provider and provide feedback - it helps everyone know how well we're doing and what we can do to improve services.

Sign up as a Provider

Whether you offer professional or casual services, on-site or at your business location, provide on-demand delivery services or offer rides, Quiqo's platform enables you to get local jobs allocated to you simply and without hassle. 

Loaded with lots of features Quiqo will help to find your next job fast and simple - no matter what you do!

Sign up as a User

Get rid of the time and hassles involved in getting services.

Share referral codes with your friends, family or colleagues and start earning credits and discounts upon the successful completion of requested services.

Download Quiqo

Download Quiqo and get rid of the usual hassles involved in getting things done - whether it's a service, a delivery, or a ride. 

  • On-demand service providers available now
  • Easy bookings
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app payment options
  • Fair and transparent pricing
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Work Your Own Way

Know that Quiqo values our Service Providers just as much as we value our Users.

  • Your Time is Valuable

    * Don't lose time with responding to requests for quotes, submitting quotes, or chasing prospects. * Don't lose money with last-minute job-cancellations.

  • Set Your Own Schedule

    Whether it's your full-time business or extra income, earn with Quiqo at your own pace and in your preferred times. Be the boss of your work - knowing that job allocations are based on your ideal location, rating, and real-time availability.

  • Fair Rules and Fair Pricing

    * Don't pay for In-Advance subscriptions for work which isn't guaranteed. * Don't miss out on potential work due to competitors bypassing rules, or offering quotes well below accepted market rates. All our providers work to fair market prices.

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