How it works

Quiqo Collect & Deliver is simple to use. Set the pickup location, set the delivery details, book, and track your parcel.
  • Choose Delivery Options

    Single Delivery for a parcel to one destination or Multi-Stop Delivery for several destinations.

  • Choose Destination & Vehicle

    Provide pickup and delivery destinations, and choose the right vehicle type for your needs.

  • Enter Delivery Details

    Provide your delivery details and include recipients details, contact info, specific notes etc.

  • Track Your Delivery

    Track your parcel in real-time while it's getting picked up or delivered.

Estimate Delivery Charges

Get the estimated prices before delivery.

Note: This feature is for price estimates only (including GST). Orders can only be placed through Quiqo app.
Parcels must be packaged securely by the sender

Our Services

We aim to provide the best possible services to Quiqo customers with maximum transparency, tracking and support.

Single Delivery

When you need something picked up or delivered fast - get it sorted with Quiqo ... Urgent supplies for your business | A prompt delivery for a customer | Pickup from local shop or grocer who doesn't deliver | A pharmacy phone order if you're stuck in bed with a cold | Sending a home-made birthday cake for a relative ... Anything is possible.

Multiple-Stop Delivery

Especially useful for businesses, Multi-Stop Delivery enables delivery of packages to multiple destinations in one job | Route optimisation means cost-effective and prompt delivery for your customers.

Our Benefits

Customer satisfaction is first and foremost for Quiqo.
Check out some of the features below.

  • Insurance

    With Collect & Deliver services in Australia, orders are covered up to the value of $200 AUD per order.

  • Navigation using Google Map

    Users can track the delivery progress using Google maps.

  • Different Vehicle Options

    Choose your delivery vehicle options like Scooter, Car, Cargo Car, Ute, Van, Trucks, etc.

  • Verified Drivers

    All our Drivers are vetted and verified for credentials and working rights.

  • Delivery Confirmation

    Confirmation of Delivery is done via a unique code or signature when required.

  • Mark Delivery Driver as Favourite

    Users can mark Delivery Drivers as Favourite.

Vehicle Options

With different vehicle types, you can choose the right option for safe and timely delivery of your items.
  • Scooter
  • Car
  • Caddy / SUV
  • Ute
  • Van
  • Truck

Download App

Download Quiqo user app to start enjoying delivery service today. Get pickup or delivery - whatever to wherever!

  • Quick & Easy Booking
  • Reliable GPS Enabled
  • Cost Effective
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COVID-19 Considerations

During these current times, it is important for us to maintain minimal contact during our interactions.

Quiqo Delivery Drivers and Service Providers will perform pickups and delivery while adhering to mask-wearing and other advice as provided by government health directives in each state. 

For contactless delivery, the driver will place the item at the receiver's front door or as instructed then ring the door bell or knock on the door then leave. Signature-required deliveries are not possible during this period. 

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