About Quiqo

Multiple Services On-Demand

Quiqo is a fully Australian owned and operated company
who wants to help make all our lives that little bit easier by making access to
multiple On-Demand services available through just one app.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, Quiqo will be looking to help Australian users to
remain at home by providing access to service providers who can perform:

  • Pickups for pre-paid grocery, shopping, or food orders from your favourite local stores
  • Urgent repair professionals such as mobile Plumbers, Electricians, Builders
  • Other valuable services at-home including Mobile Vets
  • Important services dedicated to house-bound users under mandatory self-isolation
  • ... (such as Dog Walking for your pooch who might be a bit cranky from being stuck indoors!)

Let us know what other services you'd like to see and we'll do our best to work with providers to bring them on-board.

If your local store doesn't have online ordering systems, it's still simple enough.
Call them directly with you order and let them know a Quiqo Collector will be coming to
pick up your order, then simply book one of our Delivery agents to go to your store, pickup, and
deliver straight to your doorstep. No-Contact of course!

For those Australians who have lost work, Quiqo hopes to provide a platform where they can
sign-up for alternative work to help them through these times.

Sign up now so we can begin connecting Quiqo Users with important Service Providers.

Stay tuned Australia! We'll keep you updated to let you know when we have Service Providers in your area.

Once COVID-19 lockdown eases, Quiqo wants to bring additional 
On-Demand services to make our everyday lives easier and also
help those who have lost jobs or shut down businesses an opportunity to
provide On-Demand services such as In-Home beauticians and hair-dressers, child-care, physiotherapists, personal shoppers ... And more!

Whatever skills Aussie folk can provide. The possibilities are endless!

Easy Payment

With our pre-integrated wallet as well as the flexibility to choose from different payment modes like card or wallet, we make sure that the payment process is easy.

Real-Time Tracking

We understand the frustration you feel when you have to keep waiting indefinitely for a ride, delivery or a service. Therefore, with our real-time tracking feature, you can keep track of the whereabouts and exact time of arrival of delivery or service provider.

How to Use quiqo

Quiqo is extremely easy to use as well as operate. This is how this multi-service app works.

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